Product Description:
Acrylic based , white grain , textured effect paint.
  • It doesn’t harmful to environment and people.
  • Gives a unique richness to your walls.


Application Surfaces: 
Can be applied on interior surfaces such as plaster , concrete finishes ,painted surfaces and similar surfaces.
Technical Information: 
  • Consuption: 4-5 m² / kg
  • Thinner: No dilution.
  • Drying time: Full drying 5-6 hour


Surface Preparation: 

  • — The surface should be free from all kind of dust . Loose and old paintings should be scraped and surface should be dry. 
  • — After hollows and cracks should be filled with Silkcoat Interior Acrylic Putty Silkcoat Class Plastik same color should be applied. 



  • — Decortivo is applied with brush as a cross patterned. When close to drying the surface is fixed with a plastic trowel.


Application Details: 

  • — Decortive should be mixed well before using. 
  • — + 5ºC ‘ Do not apply below 5 C. 
  • — Gloss and glasslike surfaces should be rubbed before application to obtain better adhesive and a healthy surface. 


  • Avoid getting eye and skin contact. In case wash with plenty of water. 
  • Preserve in a tightly closed container. 
  • Keep above the reach of children. 
  • Do not dump into sewer system. 


Keep at a cool and clean place away from sun light. İt can be stored unopened 1 year at room temperature..
3 kg, 1 kg plastic cans. 

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